Running Safety

Running is basically a safe sport, but there are some things to consider to make sure you are as safe as you can be. I learned the hard way about running safety years ago as I headed out the door on a hot summer afternoon with no water on hand. I passed out from dehydration.

So, the first tip on running safety is to make sure you are hydrated before you head out, and always carry enough water on you. You should drink small sips about every 20 minutes or so.

Other things you should carry with you are a whistle, cell phone and pepper spray. These are good safety items anyway, but do make sure you have them while running.

Just like when you are hiking or rock climbing, if you are going to be out on a long run, make sure you tell others where you are going and approximately when you’ll be coming home.

Run facing the traffic so you can avoid an erratic driver. Also, wear reflective clothing if you are running at a time when there isn’t sufficient sunlight. This can be as simple as a reflective vest or reflective tape on your clothes. But do make sure you can be seen in the dark.

Stay alert at all times and don’t be vulnerable. Stay away from isolated areas or areas you aren’t familiar with. Use your intuition and avoid questionable areas that you just aren’t sure about or trust completely. If you see people that are suspicious, keep a sharp eye out for them. Same with suspicious cars. Practice memorizing license plates (it’s good for your brain anyway!).

Follow these tips and use your common sense while out running to avoid any potential running safety problems.

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