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Swiggies is here to help answer any questions you might have about our product!

Q. Is there a certain way to wear Swiggies?

A. Yes. The cap should be placed closest to your hand. And make sure they aren’t directly over your wrist. Find the area that is most comfortable and attach them as tightly as you can while still being comfortable.

Q. Can I freeze Swiggies?

A. Yes. They will feel quite cold when you put them on, but if you are out in extreme heat you’ll want them to be that cold. As they melt the water will still be cold.

Q. Can you wash the Bands?

A. Yes. Make sure on delicate wash or put them in soap water, wash off and dry.

Q. How safe is the plastic you use for swiggies?

A. Swiggies are made of the safest FDA approved, food grade, BPA-free plastic. We sell to the kids market, and they have been tested under the strictest standards. They are also the easiest plastic to recycle, making them a green product. They still need to be washed out before use, like any water bottle.

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