Promotional Products

Unique Promotional Products – Personalized Wrist Water BottlesĀ Imprinted with YOUR Logo!

Promotional products are consistently chosen as the No.1 advertising medium by corporations, small business, non-profit organizations and special events groups alike.

Why, you ask?

Simply because they work! Not to mention, these unique promotional products are inexpensive, and the longevity of the products have been found to outlast nearly every other advertising medium available, including TV, Radio or Print Media. Custom imprinted wrist water bottles also give you great brand awareness because your logo can been seen over and over again, thus affording you exposure that you may not receive from other types of advertising media.

Our corporate clients include Xerox, Nextel, Coffee Club, and the Dublin Marathon. Over half a million swiggies, wrist water bottles have been sold around the world.

swiggies are a perfect unique promotional product for marathons. As more and more marathons are turning to green alternatives to using thousands of paper cups, swiggies is a great way to get your corporate logo seen while helping the environment at the same time.

swiggies have also been sold in the alcohol industry as a unique novelty promotional product for events such as Marti Gras, pub crawls, and Hash Harriers.

If you are interested in having a unique promotional product customized with your logo, and would like more information, including pricing, styles and delivery, please email Julie at


If you’re looking to make money with a product that sells itself, become a swiggies distributor. All you do is find a corporate or small business customer who wants to put their logo on a unique, innovative product with strong intellectual property rights. We do the rest and give you a 10% commission on the gross sale.

swiggies are perfect for marathons, walk-a-thons, festivals, company picnics, and parties. The minimum order is 2,000 swiggies and a typical order for a marathon is 10,000.

We handle everything from manufacturing to shipping to artwork. You just get the sale.

The Dublin Marathon ordered 72,000 for one event!

If you’re interested, email us at Or call 310-444-7788.