Run Walk Method for Runners



There’s no rule that says runners have to run the whole time. In fact, it’s better to pace yourself to prevent injuries. If you take a walk break before your muscles become tired, they’re able to recover faster and you can better manage your fatigue. This is why a run walk method for runners is effective.

Jeff Galloway is the inventor of the Run Walk method, and advocates this simple, yet effective, way of running.

Start with a 5 minute warm-up walk. In the beginning stick with 5 minutes of walking followed by 1 minute of running. Go at your own pace and gradually lengthen your running time and shorten your walking time. Your muscles will eventually adapt to the running without becoming overwhelmed.

Make sure your walking is vigorous. This should be more like power walking then a stroll. Pump your arms as you power walk.

A walk run method for runners causes your legs to use different muscles, which is a good thing. It helps eliminate overuse of muscles and muscle breakdown.

So, if you’re a seasoned runner, look at the run walk method as a training tool for improvement. And if you’re a beginner, look at it as a great way to ease into the sport without injuring yourself.

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