Why You Should Use Fun Promotional Products at Marti Gras

The biggest event for New Orleans is by far Marti Gras. In 2000 the amount of money generated for the city reached a billion dollars. A lot of the tourism for New Orleans revolves around Marti Gras. I mean, the event is huge! In any given year the average crowd for Marti Gras is anywhere from about 700,000 to over a million.

There has also been a long standing 300 year tradition not to commercialize the event. That is still pretty much the case as far as having no advertising on the floats and other restrictions. But if you want to get your brand noticed by almost a million people in a week, there are still some ways around it.

Fun promotional products are a great way to get your brand noticed at Marti Gras without violating the no advertising rule. Nobody can tell you you can’t wear a T-shirt with your brand’s logo on it. Having just one person wearing a T-shirt with a logo might not stand out in the crowd. But if you had a whole group of people wearing T-shirts with a brand logo it just might attract attention. Of course everyone will be wearing a costume, so you would have to get very clever with the way you display your logo. If your company has a mascot of some sort, you could use that as your costume.

Give away fun promotional products like bottle openers, lighters or keychains that people will keep and use. Give them away at one of the many private parties you’ll find in pretty much any given neighborhood. Give them away to people who are hosting parties. Give them away as prizes. If the fun promotional products are something they will use during Marti Gras and keep afterwards, you have a winner.

You can’t carry an open glass container on the street, but you can wear your booze on your wrists and fill them up at a local bar with your favorite drink. swiggies, wrist water bottles aren’t just for water. Companies have put their logos on them for student orientation week and pub crawls. Hash House Harrier groups around the world fill up swiggies with beer and use them as a beer carrier when going from keg to keg.

Marti Gras is a multi-million dollar party where everyone is in the mood for fun. If your brand is fun and you want to reach a million fun party goers, think about using some unique promotional products at the next Marti Gras celebration.




Marketing With Unique Promotional Products

One of the best ways to create a marketing campaign is to kick it off with unique promotional products. While promotional products for your company are available in the form of any item under the sun, it’s up to you to choose the most appropriate for your company image and what you’re trying to promote. Unique promotional items ensure that you’re sending the correct image to potential clients and customers in your target market.

Marketing your company, product, or service with promotional products gives you a unique opportunity to interact with your client base. Engaging customers in one on one conversations enable marketers and promoters the chance to better understand their client base. Ensuring that you include unique promotional products that are also relevant must be carefully thought about by your marketing team. Promotional products with function produce more desirable results. Constant use of the item by the potential customer may also lead to a chain reaction of mini marketing and word of mouth advertising. Unique promotional products that stand out, yet have function and relate to your industry, company, or image is the key.

For example, if you’re heading the marketing team for a health insurance company which provides discounts or other benefits to members who are in good health, members of gyms, or participate in sporting events and promotes a high quality of life through physical fitness, then you will want to locate and engage future potential customers where they are abundant and where they are relaxed enough to engage you as a promoter or marketer.

Runners who are outside are more likely to be relaxed and open to conversation. Having that unique running promotional product that runners will want to stop and look at will make your campaign a true success. Popular items may include towels with logos printed on them or  heart rate monitors. Another idea is a water bottle. Athletes are always on the lookout for water bottles, and the more interesting the water bottle the better.

As a promoter, thinking outside the box is mandatory. Think like your potential clients and use unique promotional products for a successful marketing campaign.

Unique Marathon Promotional Products

Try to wrap your head around this figure $170 million. That’s how much money the Chicago Marathon produces in a single year. With 45,000 entrants a year and an uncountable amount of spectators, one thing is for sure: The Chicago Marathon sure draws a crowd, and with that crowd comes consumer dollars. Over 245 endorsed marathons are run across the U.S. every year and companies see the potential for marketing their unique marathon promotional products to both the runners participating in the marathons and the people in the crowds that come to cheer them on.

Large events such as marathons give businesses the opportunity to play a participatory role in the exciting environment of a race event. While some companies can advertise during televised races, others prefer to be on the ground and in the mix of things for the chance to promote their products. Whether these are marathon products or unique promotional products targeting a wide variety of consumers, companies find a way to promote their product on and around the runners. Sponsored contestants are splashed with logos that will remind consumers of constant branding before, during, and after the marathon event.

Many sponsors are promoting unique marathon promotional products or other products for runners and hope to receive enhanced exposure by good finish times, wins, and television airplay of the race. Marathons are often sponsored by a large company and non-professional runners will be allowed to wear a singlet, shorts, or race number that displays the sponsoring company’s logo on the contestant. Anything is fair game: from banners on over passes, to signs placed at the finish line, to paintings on the pavement, marketers have done it all when it comes to promoting at marathons. Even on the sidelines companies can be found with unique promotional products.

Whether they are a fitness or exercise related company or not, marketers often choose to display marathon related products. Unique promotional products open the door to discussion among sellers and potential buyers in the crowd. The combination of unique promotional and marathon related products is very effective at events like marathons, as these products can be seen in use on runners. Promoting a company during marathons is big business and there are plenty of opportunities to do so. Whether a big company or a small family business, using unique promotional products at marathons and other running events is sure to attract your future customers.