How to Dress for Winter Running

Running is a sport that you can do all year round, though the winter months may prove to be more challenging. As the temperature drops you might be tempted not to head out on your typical running schedule, but if you know how to dress for winter running there’s no reason you can’t.

The key to safe and comfortable running in the winter is layers. You should wear two to three layers, which you can start shedding as you go along and warm up. But first you need to trap in body heat with a long sleeved shirt made of some kind of fabric like polypropylene or a wool/synthetic blend that wicks away moisture away from the body. Avoid wearing cotton, which will only make you wet and uncomfortable and doesn’t wick away the moisture.

The second layer should be a fleece type of material that insulates and keeps you warm. If it’s really cold, damp or windy you will need a third layer of a water-proof nylon type of material or Gortex covering to keep out the elements. Some of them tend to be pricey, but you’ll be glad you forked out the extra money if you plan to do a lot of winter running or active sports.

Since about 40% of your body heat escapes through your head, wearing a hat is a good idea. Mizuno makes a winter running hat that generates heat from the absorption of moisture and also has anti-bacterial and deodorizing features.

If you’re prone to asthma wear a scarf to trap natural water vapor when you exhale. And don’t forget your lip balm. A good brand is Blistex. A lightweight pair of polypropylene blend gloves that wick away moisture and protect your hands from the wind are also a good idea.

The cold weather shouldn’t stop you from running in the winter, but make sure you are prepared.