swiggies, Wrist Water Bottles Named Creative Child Magazine Best Product

Swiggies, wrist water bottles for kids were recently added to another list of top products. Over 1500 entries were submitted to Creative Child magazine for their top products award, and swiggies made the cut once it was narrowed down.

“As a corporate creativity trainer, I know how important creativity is and why it should be instilled in kids from an early age, and that’s what Creative Child Magazine does. The swiggies brand is synonymous with creativity and innovation and supports creativity education for children of all ages.

swiggies was also the winner of the Toyman Award for innovation and quality as voted on by the consumer. HydroSport, the parent company of swiggies, prides itself in creativity and innovation and strives to reach new heights in the innovation of future products.

Swiggies come in 6 bright kids colors and can also be imprinted with a corporate logo as a unique promotional product for a kids fun run or corporate sponsored event.




  1. We sell a product similar to the swiggies. We have a good response. The only problem is that the supplier has told us that is is hard to put a logo on the product.

    It is such a great product and it keeps your hands free. They are wonderful at trade shows when you don’t want to carry a water bottle in your hand

    • Hi Arleen, Yep, that’s one of my U.S. distributors and is left over from Jayline. When Jay sold the company to Tempoline they got the old version, which is very hard to print on. Beautiful, but hard to print on. You have to flame treat it first, which is why they are closing them out.

      I have a new factory and new plastic (BPA-free and the easiest to recycle). Once Tempoline sells what they have left, I’ll be the only one selling this product, either in the U.S. or on the Internet until I get new distributors.

      Just wondering, do you have an affiliate program?

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