Woman Innovation Speaker

Fewer than 15% of all patent holders in the world are women. Even fewer women patent holders have a career as a woman innovation speaker. Julie Austin is both. Her clients include Fortune 500 executives, small businesses and government agencies. She’s a women innovation speaker who’s trained scientists from around the world, the largest learning franchise in Korea, senior citizens, kids, retailers, and women business owners on how to beat the competition using the techniques of inventors and innovators.

It takes fearless innovation to become number one in your industry. Even if you get to the top, staying there is just as hard. If your company isn’t constantly innovating, your competition will be and they will eventually jump to the top. Successful companies like Google know this. That’s why they never stop innovating.

Many innovation speakers have never actually innovated themselves. They’ve read about innovation in a book and claim to be experts. Creativity and innovation is something that has to be experienced hands-on. Julie has that experience.

As an inventor she’s bootstrapped and patented a unique innovative product and turned it into a NASDAQ winning success. She has distributors in over 20 countries and has sold over half a million units of her product, swiggies, wrist water bottles with no advertising, no venture capital, no investors, and no technical knowledge or manufacturing experience. This all  started with $5.00, a clay prototype, and relentless perseverance.

If you’re looking to increase sales, create new products and services, boost your marketing campaigns, and stay ahead of your competition, you need to hire a woman innovation speaker like Julie. Why?

Because if you don’t, your competition will. And they will have all of the innovative techniques to jump ahead of your company. By then, it’ll be too late.

Hire a dynamic innovation speaker and a true innovator. Don’t you want every competitive advantage possible?

Innovation Speaker: http://www.creativeinnovationgroup.com/innovation-speaker