Beer for Hydration? Maybe You Need a Wrist Beer Carrier

Hash Harriers have been mixing running and beer for decades. Now it appears researchers have proof that beer is better for runners than water for replacing lost fluids. So maybe you need some beer carriers filled with your favorite brand instead of water.

Granada University in Spain tested 25 students in their medical facility over several months and came to the conclusion that beer helped people absorb fluids more quickly post workout. This may be due to the salts, sugars and bubbles in beer. And also the fact that the carbohydrates help replace lost calories due to intense physical exercise.

Professor Manuel Garzon asked subjects to run on a treadmill almost to the point of exhaustion. Then half of the runners were given 2 pints of beer, while the other half received water. Rehydration in the beer test group was slightly better than the water test group.

For beer drinkers like the Hash Harriers, that’s good news. They bill themselves as a “drinking club with a running problem”. Hashers participate in an old game of hares and hounds, which is a non-competitive race with clues and a beer gathering and sing-a-long at the end. There are thousands of Hash Harrier clubs in the world, and even Hash Harrier newsletters, magazines and conventions. At any given time somewhere in the world, there is a Hash going on, sometimes with runners in costume, but almost always with a beer in hand.

swiggies, wrist beer containers are a great way to drink your beer along the way without detection. In cities where you aren’t allowed to carry an open container of beer, swiggies wrist beer carriers are perfect. They hold 11 ounces total and don’t weigh enough to slow you down.

The added cold beer on your wrists also helps lower body temperature. And now that science has deemed it a better way to rehydrate, Hashers everywhere can rejoice.





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