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swiggies Wrist Water Bottles Receive Toyman Award of Excellence for Innovation and Quality.
The consumers have voted swiggies, wrist water bottles best in innovation and quality in the Toyman Award of Excellence.
LOS ANGELES, CA, June 12, 2012 — The consumers have voted in the Toyman Award of Excellence and the winner is swiggies, wrist water bottles for best innovation and quality.

With the summer heating up, it’s even more important for kids to be hydrated. Swiggies, wrist water bottles are a fun way to get kids to drink more water. Swiggies unique, patented hands-free design makes it easy for them to drink water on the go.

And since 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away every day in the U.S., with only a fraction of them being recycled, swiggies is a great, green alternative. They are BPA-free and have been approved by Child Safe International.

“With swiggies, parents and coaches don’t need to remind kids to drink water. It’s right there on their wrists,”says Tom Root, president of HOPSports, a national after-school fitness program for kids.

Dehydration places kids at risk for serious conditions, like heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which can be life threatening if left untreated. But dehydration is completely preventable as long as kids drink enough of the right kinds of fluids.

Swiggies is a registered trademark of HydroSport. The company currently has retail and promotional distributors in over 20 countries around the world. Check out their website for more information by visiting

Julie Austin
HydroSport is a woman-owned business in Los Angeles. For more information contact Julie Austin at 310-444-7788 or


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June 2, 2008


Los Angeles, CA – Hyperthermia is one of the most common serious problems faced by runners. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends drinking 8-10 ounces of water before a workout, 8 ounces during, and up to 16 ounces after a workout. Swiggies, by HydroSport was developed for runners, but can also be used by bikers, skaters or walkers, etc.

Each cleverly designed swiggie holds 5 ½ ounces of water or sports drink. It is strapped on to the wrist and has a pull top. It eliminates the need to carry water bottles,which can be cumbersome, and break your stride when you have to stop to take a drink. You just fill them up with cold water and go! Both swiggies supply you with 11 ounces of liquid to complete your workout without the risk of dehydration.

Each wrist water bottle weighs a half pound, which is the perfect amount for running without stress on the joints. When they are frozen or filled with cold water, swiggies cool your wrists and keep you from overheating.

swiggies are patented