Earth Day and Bottled Water

In one year Americans spend over $11 billion dollars on bottled water alone. That’s 650 plastic bottles per second that are thrown in the trash. 60 million water bottles a day that end up in a landfill. That’s pretty mind boggling when you think about it. Enough to wrap around the earth three times.

Though many people have increased their recycling of those bottles, a big amount of them aren’t recycled at all. Plastic water bottles are made from a material called PET, which is a recyclable plastic. 90% of the actual cost of the product is in the bottle itself.

As a manufacturer of a water bottle I’m very aware of the costs that go into it. You also have to account for the shipping of those bottles, which when full is quite heavy. That means you have to include the cost of oil into that price.

I took a good look into all of this when I started manufacturing swiggies, wrist water bottles. They are made from a highly recyclable plastic that is also BPA-free. They are very durable, so you probably won’t have to recycle them for quite a long time. I have swiggies in my gym bag that are still going strong after a couple of years. I fill them up from the tap and keep them in the refrigerator to stay cold. They can also be frozen to lower body temperature on hot days.

swiggies have been approved by Child Safe International as a safe, green, eco-friendly product.

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