"I'm delighted with the swiggies. No question about it, they work! Carrying a water bottle in one's hands really does tend to break your stride while running. swiggies is compact and convenient. When I think of the millions of runners around the world, this could be a great contribution".

The Amazing Kreskin

swiggies have totally changed my energy levels while training my horses. Before swiggies I never hydrated while training. Now during a short rest for the horse, I can drink. When it's really hot I can freeze them to keep me cool and refreshed.

Nigel Marmont
International Show Jumper

As part of my keeping fit regimen I now do a lot of running. I find swiggies are convenient and easy to use & wear.

Helen Slatter
3 time Olympic swimmer

You made our day!! We were tickled pink to get the swiggies. That's the coolest idea, and as we're all very active here, we were really impressed with them.

We are very excited to be able to present them to our Survivors. Thanks again for giving to such a great cause. It means the world to us!

Viki Stanley-Hutchison, Cambridge Coaching Co.

A patient recently introduced me to swiggies and I was very impressed with the quality, design and performance. We are often asked to give product recommendations, and would like to promote swiggies to our patients and athletes. Thanks for allowing us to promote your product.

Jeff Hill, Director of CaroMont Rehab and Sports Medicine (Gaston Memorial Hospital)

Thank you so much for sending the Swiggies to some children with disabilities. These have been so wonderful for a child who loves to be outside and can lift their wrist, but not hold a bottle. Thanks for giving to a child. This means so much.

Elaine Tillman-Scherer, Recovering Wishes for Families

I used the Swiggies during the second section of the race, and they proved ideal. During this section, the 2 liters of water that all competitors must carry is not sufficient, so the extra contained in your product proved to be just what was required. They also assist in keeping your body temperature down when frozen. Your product was the perfect solution!

Wayne (Blue Dog) Gregory, Australian Ultra Marathon Winner