Simple and Easy New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

Another new year, another set of New Year’s fitness resolutions. This is when all of the weight loss commercials begin. It’s relentless. No matter how many of them I see, it doesn’t phase me. I learned that putting too much pressure on yourself to force big change never seems to work for me. So, instead, I just set small, attainable goals that I know can be kept. Here’s a way to slowly meet those goals during the course of a day and never let yourself down:

  • Incorporate walking into your day – I know I have to walk the dog every day, so it’s easy to just add a few blocks of extra walking every time we go out. Dogs are the perfect personal trainer and companion. Find a park near you and start exploring. There are always other people in the park walking their dogs, and it’s a good conversation starter to meet new friends. Double up with other dog owners and commit to walking your dogs together. Having a walking partner holds you accountable. You will always tend to walk longer if you have someone else with you, and it helps to pass the time. Your dog will love you for it.
  • Take the stairs – Like dog walking, taking the stairs is a free and easy way in incorporate more exercise into your day. It’s just a matter of becoming aware of how often you take the elevator or escalator. In the course of a day there are numerous opportunities to take the stairs instead. You’ll burn calories three times faster than walking on a flat surface, and it’s a great way to improve your energy. If you have time, find a place where you can go up and down the stairs a few times and keep adding to it to increase your strength and improve cardiovascular.
  • Dance – I’m not talking about going to a formal dance class, although that’s great too, but simply dancing for fun during the course of a day. Again, it’s just a matter of becoming aware of doing it and making it a part of your day. Put on some upbeat music you like and dance your heart out. Take the drudgery out of cleaning by using the vacuum cleaner as your dance partner while you crank up the tunes. Yes, it sounds crazy, but who cares? It’ll also put you in a much better mood while you easily burn calories. Dancing for no reason will also put others around you in a good mood. Try it!

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